Computer hacker Adam Mudd attacked gaming websites

A teenager made about £360,000 by creating computer hacking software which cost universities, gaming websites and other businesses millions of pounds, a court has heard.

Adam Mudd, 20, of Hertfordshire, has already admitted offences under the Computer Misuse Act.

The Old Bailey heard he lives with his parents and the crimes were about “status”.

He is expected to be sentenced next week.

The court heard Mudd created the Titanium Stresser “malware” in 2013, when he was 16 years old, and sold it to cyber criminals across the world.

College attacks

The programme had 112,000 registered users who were responsible for about 1.7 million “distributed denial of service” attacks on websites, including gaming sites such as RuneScape, Minecraft and Xbox Live.

The court heard there were about 25,000 attacks on RuneScape and the company which owns it spent £6m trying to defend itself.

Prosecutors said Mudd carried out 594 attacks himself, including one on West Herts College where he was studying computer science.

He also attacked 70 other schools and colleges, including the University of Cambridge, University of Essex and University of East Anglia, as well as local councils.

Mudd had been in his bedroom when he was arrested at his home in Toms Lane, Kings Langley, in March 2015 and he refused to unlock his computer until his father intervened.

Jonathan Polney, prosecuting counsel, said the malware caused “incalculable” damage to organisations.

“This is a young man who lived at home. This is not a lavish lifestyle case,” he said.

“The motivation around this we tend to agree is about status. The money-making is by the by.”

Mudd also admitted one count of concealing criminal property.

Judge Michael Topolski QC said the case was of “importance and seriousness” and he would not be rushed in determining sentencing.

This new was publish on 21 April 2017 by BBC News

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My Favorite Video Games


This game is originally a multiplayer online mod of Warcraft III. Dota is maintain and been playing by millions of people around the world since year 2000. Then the game was developed by Valve Cooperation which made Dota2 released in year 2013.  The objective of the game is to destroy opponent main base called ‘Ancient’ that guarded by several towers that can shoot lightning bolt to the enemy in both team. Each team will consist of 5 players and each player can choose only one hero to play in the match. Each hero has different abilities and roles such as tanker who can withstand high damage from enemy, supporter who can heal their teammate or revive them from death, and carry who can eliminate opponent in few seconds. Besides, this mod has total of 113 heroes for players to choose before the match begins. Since Dota2 released, players can now buy skins for any characters they like to looks cool in the game and they can sell their item as well if they want to. Moreover, to buy skins we have to use real money to buy and we can even sell it to obtain real money. Sometimes when you finished a match, the game will random gift for the players and they will have a chance to get many cool stuff like skins or voice lines of characters in the game and many more.

Before the Dota2 occurred, I wanted you to know that the original gameplay called Warcraft which is a franchise of video games, novel and other media created by Blizzard Entertainment. And it’s even become a movie recently in last year as well in cinema. Furthermore, each series of this game has different story line but it’s link to each other. Most of the time each series of the game is about conquering other races land for resources. There are about 13 races which are Human, Orc, Dwarf, Undead, Night Elf, Tauren, Gnome, Troll, Draenei, Blood Elf, Worgen, Goblin and Pandaren.

Number in series Name of the series published
1 Warcraft: Orcs and Humans 1994
2 Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness 1995
3 Warcraft II: Beyond the Dark Portal 1996
4 Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos 2002
5 Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne 2003
6 World of Warcraft 2004












My Favorite Video Games


This battlefield games which consist of 6 series. It is a first-person shooter video games started out from the first series called battlefield 1942, which was released in year 2002.The game is developed by Swedish company by EA DICE and published by American company called Electronic Arts. This game has a campaign for players to play the story line of the game. Each series have different story line. These games are made to look the most realistic as much as possible such as environment, characters and weapons to make players feel like they are really in the game. Moreover, there is not just a story line when you finished this game because there is a multiplayer mode which players can compete with others by capturing certain places and elimination other players.

Number in series Game title published
1 Battlefield 1942 2002
2 Battlefield 2 2005
3 Battlefield Bad Company 2008
4 Battlefield 1943 2009
5 Battlefield Bad Company2 2010
6 Battlefield 3 2013

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