Favorite Video Games


This battlefield games which consist of 6 series. It is a first-person shooter video games started out from the first series called battlefield 1942, which was released in year 2002.The game is developed by Swedish company by EA DICE and published by American company called Electronic Arts. This game has a campaign for players to play the story line of the game. Each series have different story line. These games are made to look the most realistic as much as possible such as environment, characters and weapons to make players feel like they are really in the game. Moreover, there is not just a story line when you finished this game because there is a multiplayer mode which players can compete with others by capturing certain places and elimination other players.

Number in series Game title published
1 Battlefield 1942 2002
2 Battlefield 2 2005
3 Battlefield Bad Company 2008
4 Battlefield 1943 2009
5 Battlefield Bad Company2 2010
6 Battlefield 3 2013